Top 5 Reasons you should attend House of Horror

Top 5 Reasons you should attend House of Horror

Halloween time is upon us which can only mean House of Horror is back in Miami! If you’re looking for a good scare, tasty food, live entertainment, and spine-tingling attractions, this is the event for you. If you’re still not convinced why you should attend House of Horror, here are 5 reasons to not miss the premier event of spooky season:

1. The Haunted Houses

House of Horror brings new chilling and scream-worthy haunted houses every year, and this year brings never-before-seen horrifying experiences. Located throughout the event venue, each haunted house has a theme of its own, introducing its own terrifying characters and scenery. As you make your way around the houses you’ll find elaborate effects, decorations and scare actors, all meant to give you a nightmare worthy, but fun, experience. These haunted houses are not for the faint of heart, and you definitely won’t want to venture inside without a friend.

This year’s house themes include:

Mayhem Museum: Within its walls, possessed souls find their resting place, feasting on fear and despair. Once you enter, good luck escaping its terror forever

Haunted HoliDAZE: A nightmarish realm where the year’s celebrations take a sinister turn, replaying in a disturbing and relentless loop. Each holiday plunges you into a time loop of horrifying proportions, leaving you trapped in a perpetual cycle of terror.

  • Theater of Terror: Break free or be trapped forever after entering the Theater of Terror. Where darkness will envelop you as you approach the sinister secrets of past cinematic horror films.

2. The Rides

Once again, this year’s House of Horror includes over 20 rides to keep you entertained in between scares, and they are all included with admission! The rides span from an array of chills and thrills, including a ferris wheel where you can get the best view of the event, a rotor for the high-speed and dizziness lovers, starflyer swings, a maze, bumper cars, a drop tower, a pendulum pirate ship, and of course the Scarecoaster, South Florida’s only Halloween rollercoaster. If you’re a thrill seeker, take advantage of House of Horror’s unlimited rides. If rides aren’t your thing, head over to the carnival games and win amazing prizes and souvenirs to remember your thrilling visit to House of Horror.

3. The Carnival Food

No carnival is complete without delicious grub and bites. From mouthwatering burgers and Mexican delights to sweet churros and dreamy milkshakes, House of Horror offers over 15 top-notch food options . Los Chingones Mexican Grill, La Picaña Grill, Rancho Mateo, and more eateries offer diverse flavors that complement the chilling experience. Come for the scares, and stay for the delectable eats that will make your visit unforgettable.

4. Live Entertainment

From high-energy stage performances to scare actors scattered around the park waiting for the opportunity to scare you, entertainment can be found all around the House of Horror venue. If you need a break from the heart pounding rides and haunted houses, but still want to keep the Halloween atmosphere going, just look around and fun will find you, you may even run into the infamous Mr. Lockheart!

5. Epic Photo Ops

Last but not least, this year’s House of Horror includes the selfie and group picture worthy Scare-X Studios. This photographable immersive experience makes you become the star and take center stage at this horrifying event. So, make sure to take advantage of the several on theme photo opportunities to remember to remember your Halloween scares forever and share your House of Horror experience on social media – after all, if it’s not on Instagram, did it really happen?

House of Horror promises a Halloween adventure that’s equal parts terrifying and tantalizing. So, come hungry for thrills and delicious eats, prepare for unforgettable scares, and make memories that will spook you long after you leave its haunted grounds. Don’t miss the event of the season! We hope to see you at this year’s House of Horror where you’ll get the most unforgettable Halloween experience in town. Grab your friends and family and get ready to scream, savor, and snap your way through the ultimate Halloween destination.