A deep dive into House of Horror’s Haunted Attractions

The House of Horror Haunted Carnival in Miami, FL, offers visitors the chance to experience four unique, spine-chilling haunted attractions. Each attraction tells a new story, providing a diverse range of scares and thrills for all horror fanatics to enjoy. Take a deep dive into each of our four haunted attractions and explore what makes them a must-visit for thrillseekers: 1- Mayhem Museum The Mayhem Museum is the first of the four haunted attractions at the House of Horror Haunted Carnival. This haunt takes visitors on a journey through the

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Top 5 Reasons you should attend House of Horror

Halloween time is upon us which can only mean House of Horror is back in Miami! If you’re looking for a good scare, tasty food, live entertainment, and spine-tingling attractions, this is the event for you. If you’re still not convinced why you should attend House of Horror, here are 5 reasons to not miss the premier event of spooky season: 1. The Haunted Houses House of Horror brings new chilling and scream-worthy haunted houses every year, and this year brings never-before-seen horrifying experiences. Located throughout the event venue, each

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Top 10 Eats to Try at House of Horror

House of Horror brings a chilling experience to Miami each Halloween season. Amidst the heart-pounding thrills and chilling horrors, your taste buds are in for a wild ride with an array of eats that are as enticing as they are eerie. After all, no carnival can be called as such without delectable treats to accompany the show. Check out our picks of the top 10 eats at House of Horror, and don’t let Dolly catch you on an empty stomach: This Miami premier burger spot serves food options unlike anything

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